Terms and Conditions
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These terms and Conditions are the only applicable terms in the provision of telecommunication services by _NAME_ (referred to

These terms and Conditions are the only applicable terms in the provision of telecommunication services by _NAME_ (referred to in the following as 'The Provider') to persons or entities (referred to in the following as 'The Client').

1. General

The Provider offers to the Client a high speed connection to the Internet using whatever available technology is deemed most appropriate for each particular case, and/or Telephone services where available and required (referred to in the following as 'The Service').

The Client must pay the Provider for the Service according to the Tariff(s) chosen, and in effect at the particular time.

2. Addresses and Communications

The effective postal and email addresses for all and any notifications sent by the Provider to the Client will be the address given by the Client at the time of subscription to the Service, and the address of the Provider is _ADDRESS_, _EMAIL_.

In the event of a change of physical or email address of either party, it is the responsibility of the party making the change to inform the other party. In the event that a change of any address is not notified to the other party, then any communications delivered to the previous address will be deemed to have been delivered.

3. Coverage and Service Quality

The Provider has good coverage for the Service in various locations, and is continually seeking to increase the coverage area.


The Provider continually carries out activities directed towards maintaining the quality and reliability of the Service, however in exceptional conditions the quality of the Service can be degraded below the stated minimum.

4. Tariffs and Payment

5. Starting and Ending the Service

The Provider will, at their sole discretion, commence the Service subject to availability, quality of coverage, and receipt of the installation fee.

Either the Provider or the Client may cease the Service at any time by giving the other party 30 days notice.

Where the Client is repeatedly in breach of the Fair Usage Policy, the Provider may end the Service immediately.

In the event that the Provider has grounds to believe that the Client has made illegal use of the Service, or has made an attempt to disrupt the Service for other clients, then the Provider may end the Service with immediate effect.

6. Suspension or Limitation of Service

As the Provider is continually striving to improve the Service, it is sometimes necessary to replace or upgrade the equipment used in the infrastructure. At these times there may be brief periods of outage while works are being carried out. The Provider will give as much notice as possible to the Client in such cases.

In the event that timely payment is not received by the Provider for the Service, the Provider may suspend or limit the Service to the Client until payment is received.

Where the Client’s use of the Service is in breach of the Fair Usage Policy, then access to the Service may be suspended or restricted until the end of the calendar month.

If the Provider has grounds to believe that the Client is making illegal or profligate use of the Service, the Provider may suspend the Service during a period of investigation.


7. Guarantees and Liability

The Provider makes all efforts to deliver the service 24/7, however, due to the nature of the technology employed and other determining factors, such as electricity supplies, it is impossible to guarantee 100% availability of the Service.

The Provider assumes no liability arising directly or indirectly from the availability or otherwise of the Service.

Where an interruption to Service lasts for 1(one) hour or more, and is caused by negligence on the part of the Provider, then the Client is due a refund of monies already paid on a pro-rata basis.

Where an interruption to Service is caused by events beyond the control of the Provider, such as, but not limited to, fire, power failure, lightening strike or flood, then the Provider will take all necessary steps to re-instate the Service as soon as is practically possible, in which case the Client will not be due a refund of any monies paid.

8. Security

The Provider makes all reasonable efforts to protect the data within the Service. This is achieved using the appropriate technology available at the time.

To help protect the security of the Service, the Client will not divulge to a third party any passwords or codes required to access the Service, or any information relating to the specific security systems employed by the Provider.

11. Data Protection

Any personal data relating to the Client is held by the Provider in a secure system. The Provider will not divulge any such information to a third party, except under the direction of Law Enforcement Agencies.

The Provider will not use any such data for any marketing by the Provider without the prior consent of the Client.

The Client has the right to request a copy of any personal data held by the Provider. This can be obtained by contacting Customer Services on _TEL_, or by writing to us at _ADDRESS_.

12. Illegal Usage

The Client agrees to use the Service for legal purposes only.